Affiliation No: 1930474 | School code: 55620 Email: Call Now! 0452-421 9799 | 238 9799
Registration Form 2022-2023 Admissions open for Classes PreKG to IX & XI - Om Sadhana Central School, Madurai
Affiliation No: 1930474 | School code: 55620 Email: Call Now! 0452-421 9799 | 238 9799
Registration Form 2022-2023 Admissions open for Classes PreKG to IX & XI - Om Sadhana Central School, Madurai



Om Sadhana Central School

Sadhana Cabinet
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Sadhana Cabinet is yet another remarkable phenomenon. The Cabinet, consisting of Cabinet Ministers of various Portfolios headed by the Prime Minister, meets every month and discusses problems of Domestic, Social, National and International importance. Ministers are encouraged to participate in Group Discussions and to present reports. Moreover, they are given opportunities of dynamic participation during policy making and problem-solving sessions in the Chamber of Brother Director. Leadership quality with the sense of social responsibility is the objective of Sadhana Cabinet.

To inculcate integrity in the Examination Hall, Hari Chandra Hall has been introduced. Learning Brothers and Sisters are given a special self–responsible experience of writing examinations, without invigilation by teachers. They are trained to be Self–disciplined and Honest in writing Examinations without indulging in any kind of malpractice even when there is no supervisor. It is deemed as a very distinguished effort in carving such individuals to be true to heart and self.

In our earnest effort to outreach to homes in order to consolidate the home environment of our learning Brothers & Sisters, it is our tradition to give Full Moon Day Messages to all parents. In the message we request the parents to organize a family full moon dinner desirably with fraternal & maternal grand parents. Further we propose a theme for sharing with relevance to the value of every academic year. Parents are hereby requested to give great importance to family moon light dinner together with the sharing experience on values. We are sure that it will facilitate bringing the family members close in terms of mutual understanding and acceptance .Ultimately a healthy home environment & home culture will flourish.

Sadhana stands committed to cleanliness in anything & anywhere. Every second day of every month stands dedicated to Clean India Movement. A team of Learning Brothers & Sisters willingly undertake to clean the TPM Nagar wherein the school is located. We honestly believe that every charity has to begin from home. Hence the value of cleanliness is taken care of from our home, TPM Nagar. This experience will definitely facilitate an attitude of Social Service and Patriotism. Moreover, we give messages to all parents to identify at least 10 useless things at home and to discard them. We are happy there are enthusiastic parents who follow suit and inform us regarding the number of things identified and discarded. We mention just ten but such enthusiastic parents are able to identify multiples of ten useless things and discard them accordingly. We believe that if every home is kept clean, if every neighbourhood is kept clean , India becomes clean ultimately. Clean India is Healthy India, Healthy India is a Strong India, A Strong India is a Powerful India, A Powerful India is a Developed India.

Every Thursday has yet another glory in Sadhana because every Thursday is a Save Fuel Day also. Learning Brothers & Sisters are motivated either to walk or to cycle to school. In this context parents are also informed by messages to encourage Learning Brothers & Sisters to avoid individual and personal use of power vehicles to school on Thursdays. Further we conduct ceremonial procession of cyclists & walkers led by our school band team. They are appreciated by all other Learning Brothers & Sisters and also Learned Sisters. Every cyclist & walker is personally greeted by Br.Director& this effort has created an awareness regarding economic use of fuels like Petrol & Diesel. This project also has its National responsibility as its nucleus.

E-learning infrastructure has reached a peak in air conditioned Knowledge Bank and Smart Classes having Interactive Smart Class Technology. The Curricula of all classes are available with additional reference resources as software components. It is an excellent ultramodern e-learning facility, which is very effectively used for preparation, presentation, interaction, revision and evaluation. Our Knowledge Bank and Smart Class are useful as e-library and e-laboratory.

Om Sadhana is a Clean School because cleanliness is given great importance in maintenance of the entire campus. Moreover, the culture of personal cleanliness and class cleanliness is developed among all learning brothers and sisters.

Om Sadhana is a Green School because it is surrounded by deep coconut groves and its bio boundary is rich with a variety of species. More than a thousand rare species of flowering plants and trees constitute the Green Infrastructure of Sadhana.


  • “Be Good. Do Good” is the Greeting Culture of Om Sadhana. Time in nature is time only. Essentially it can he made good by being good and doing good. To inculcate personal culture of goodness in our learning brothers and sisters, “Be Good. Do Good” is chanted as Goodness Mantra vibrating waves of Goodness in our campus.
  • Orderliness in everything is the institutional culture, the spirit of effectiveness of Sadhana. Welcome Track, Good bye Track, Silent Zones etc., indicate law-abiding cultural components of Sadhana.
  • The Physical Education department focuses on physical fitness, creating love for games and identifying and equipping talented students for various inter and intra sports competitions.
  • Regular Physical Education classes are allotted to all students from classes I to IX. Primary Students are taught recreational games, freehand exercises, basic skills in all outdoor games, indoor games etc., in accordance with their age and grade.
  • Apart from the regular physical education classes, the department offers coaching in sports and games after school hours based on specific needs.

A range of extracurricular activities in the field of art and sport are offered to students from classes III to IX. The activities are aimed at developing a meaningful hobby for the child and are offered by experts in the field.

Activities such as Craft, Dance, Music, Glass Painting, Origami, Tile Embossing, Fabric Painting, Yoga, Photography, Skating, Ball Badminton etc., provide platforms for varied interests to blossom in our Learning Brothers & Sisters.

Education is not a preparation for life. Education is life itself“.

  • Learning process is the continuous experience from womb to tomb. Educational tour provides a lively learning experiences to the students directly rather than the book and chalk. So our tour committee arranged worth visiting spots and make our learning brothers and sisters to visit the same and gave equal importance for both fun and learning.
  • We arranged the educational trip for the following places.
    Industrial visits to learn the manufacturing process of the industries.
  • Through the varieties of learning opportunity in our school proves that learning is pleasurable outdoing and it is height of enjoyment.
  • Education is that whole system of human training and within and without the school house walls, which moulds and develops future citizens.

The school offers various activitiesthrough the following clubs to provide holistic development of the children.

  • Heritage Club: The club and its initiatives will aim at bringing about a sense of belonging and the ability to appreciate our roots.
  • Nature Club: The club and its activities will focus on exploring the world around and to make it a better place for posterity to benefit from.
  • Health and Wellness Club focuses on frequent health check up and creating awareness on healthy foods and seasonal epidemic.
  • The Science and Astronomy Club will work at making the distant wonders move from an abstract domain to a more concrete understanding in the minds of our young stars.
  • The Info Bee Club will unravel mysteries that lie wrapped up in the world of books and make every child an intense reader.
  • The Maths Club will explore the different dimensions from which the subject impacts us and the world around.
  • The Theatre Club aims to explore the theatrical skills in its member with a make believe world as its background.
  • The Literary Club will work at English and Tamil Languages aiming at developing the reading, writing and speaking skills.

Road Safety Patrol (RSP) is an initiative of Madurai City Traffic Police Department. It is a campaign towards educating school children about the traffic rules and regulations, road safety measures etc. The RSP comprises of selective children from various schools in and around Madurai who play an important role preventing road accidents and regulating traffic in and around vicinity of their respective schools.

RSP in our school is a unit comprising of class VIII children who function under the guidance of Physical Education Department. They play a vital role in controlling and regulating traffic during the school beginning and closing hours. They are also involved in regulating the students’ movements during the break hours and during requirements. They are also involved as volunteers in all the school function/activities. Training session for RSP children will be conducted once a month.

We are preparing the children for their future. So, Om Sadhana sets a platform for the students to rehearse and parade their god-given talents on Abdul KalamJeyanthi. The enthusiastic participation of the students made the competition as a successful one.

The date, 15th of August from 1947 in India has become a very important day in the Indian history. It was the luckiest day of year 1947 when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters. On that day we unfurled the tricolour National Flag at our School Campus. All the learning brothers and sisters rejoice this special day with great joy every year.

The hall mark of our sports meet is that we imbibe in the students the spirit of true sportsmanship and inculcate in the minds the principle of universal brotherhood. We give equal importance to physical and mental development of the students. We follow the principle of “Sound mind makes sound body”. To develop a healthy competition between the students as well as facilitators, we have divided them into red, blue, green and yellow groups.

Festivals at Sadhana, at all levels from Pre-KG to higher classes, is distinctly different from traditional programmes, in that the children are given central, friendly, positive environment and learning by celebrations. Our talent show 2015 -16 was an example for our sadhanites’ victory. The success of curriculum is decided by the learners’ ability to conceptualize it on their own and experiment its applicability innovatively.

In addition to well laid infrastructure, the Interpersonal Brotherhood of Sadhana is its exclusive richness. In fact, Sadhana Brotherhood is deemed as a prelude to International Brotherhood. Sadhana’s culture of Brotherhood empowers the learning brothers and sisters to lead a life of tolerance, co-existence and concern for others. The Human values of Kindness, Courtesy, Concern for others, Uprightness, Industriousness and Service mindedness are infused into the behavioral pattern of learning brothers & sisters.

Education happens in a pre-school but in Sadhana it is Value Integrated. We believe that educations Sans value.