The Board of Management and Staff Recognise

  • Global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. Our students have access to the Internet and increased opportunity to travel, watch news stories from around the world, as they develop and follow for example, international sporting events as they happen
  • The global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our students, the ethos of the school, the assessment outcomes and curriculum.
  • As a school we have a commitment to both gender and racial equality

Skype Class Rooms

Skype collaborations: A glimpse of the world for our students. We prepare our students for the next generation of global citizens. This is a complete guide to expand the teaching-learning process beyond our classrooms, so we connect in Skype on a regular basis for our students.

Digital Literacy Skype Classes have facilitated evolution of Om Sadhana Central School into an International Skype School.

Online Exams
The current trend of education is to have a soft copy of the printed books. So we smartly use the software by conducting more online exams. It is a wonderful arena for the students to overcome their fear factor towards examinations.

Bag Free Days
Students report to school without bags on that day. The students will get to read books apart from their non-academic books and enjoy more activities for some of the complicated topics in their regular course book.

Pioneering Team of Sadhana

  • Br. Kannan.R – Chariman
  • Br. Dr. NatanaGuruNathan.P – Director
  • Sr. Parama Kalyani.P.N – Principal
  • Sr. Bharathi.S – Vice Principal (Secondary)
  • Sr. Geethanjali.V – Vice Principal (Primary)
  • Sr. Sonika.M – Vice Principal (KG)